Launch a Communications Plan

The DBMediaStrategies Way


DBMediaStrategies Inc. will develop and implement an integrated PR and marketing campaign customized to your needs and budget.


The DBMediaStrategies approach blends traditional public relations and marketing methods - earned and paid media, news events, e-mail marketing, etc. - with emerging inbound PR strategies, including content marketing, search engine optimization, blogging and more.


And unlike most other PR firms, our pricing options are completely transparent. No open-ended monthly retainers or bloated hourly services. We will tell you upfront what to expect, how much it costs, and what the deliverables are.


In a DBMediaStrategies campaign, there is only one goal: yours. We're not interested in the number of clips or Web page hits or views. We want to connect with your customers or clients, build relationships and ultimately boost your bottom line.


Our Service Packages start at just $5,000 per month and combine PR, social media, content marketing, SEO and more into an integrated, flexible campaign. Custom packages are also available.







  • 20 Service Hours/ Month
  • 8 Blog Posts/ Month
  • PR Strategy








  • 30 Service Hours/Month
  • 1,000 Words/Month
  • 8 Blog Posts/Month









50+ Service Hours/Month

2,000 Words/Month

15 Blog Posts/Month



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