Our Client-Friendly Pricing Packages

The typical PR firm charges its clients based on the old "billable hour," an inefficient, complicated and archaic way of doing business that is tied to output - and the time spent producing it - and not outcomes. In essence, the billable hour model assumes that all agency activity - from account management, writing, consulting, planning, communication, etc. - are of equal value. As Paul Roetzer points out in his book "The Marketing Agency Blueprint," the amount a firm racks up in billable hours "has no direct correlation to the quality or value of the services they provide." Moreover, typical distractions - email, Internet surfing, phone calls, office chatting, TV, meetings, etc. - lead to even higher costs and lower quality.


When DBMediaStrategies Inc. was launched in 2008, we did away with the billable hour model and preferred flat-fee billing. Clients seemed to welcome the approach. There was no mystery in the costs and no surprises when the invoice arrived.


Now, we've taken the concept a step further and introduced a la carte pricing for many of our signature services. Want to know how much a press release will cost? We'll tell you upfront. Need some media or crisis management? The price is on the menu.


We've bundled our offerings and capabilities into two client-friendly packages that we call "Project Package" and "Service Package," each with a detailed list of what you'll get and how much each item costs. This represents what we think is an entirely transparent and unique pricing option for a PR firm and one clients will quickly understand and appreciate. Click on the buttons below for the details of each service package.








DBMediaStrategies removes the mystery from agency services and billings and offers set prices for many of signature services, allowing clients to purchase only what they need to match their budgets. Items include


  • Speechwriting
  • Media Training
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Writing
  • More









Build and implement an integrated PR/marketing, strategic communications plan to raise awareness, build a brand, generate web traffic and boost your bottom line. Service packages starting at $5,000/month.









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