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Our M.O. 2014



An old boss of ours used to say that PR professionals do two things: give you their best advice and then do what they’re told. That’s normally a pretty accurate description. We don’t mess around with trying to satisfy a client by saying what we think they want to hear. We give them the straight dope because we believe that’s what we’re hired to do. They don’t have to take our advice or follow our recommendations and we’ll do our best to execute their ideas. But we still won’t be yes men.



We don’t lie on behalf of clients. We may try to divert the media’s angle or try and interest it in another story or convince them there are more sides worth covering. But we simply wouldn’t be in business long if we made it a practice to shade the truth or outright lie. There’s a saying among crisis counselors: “Tell it all, tell it fast, tell the truth.” And it usually is the best policy.



We’ve got the time, energy and patience to work closely and collaboratively with clients, tailoring their message or communications strategy in an efficiently professional manner. Time is too short to involve ourselves with clients we don’t believe in or can’t advocate for. We also don’t need to take on so much business that it takes us away from devoting quality time to clients and their interests. You pay for us, you get us.



Good PR doesn’t come cheap but we work efficiently with little overhead and can get the same results or better as a big, slick firm that will lard up your account with a lot of bells and whistles and charge you three times as much for the same work and maybe not the same results. We normally charge a flat fee for services, believing that the billable hour is an innately inefficient, unfair and in many cases bogus way to account for one’s actual job performance (See “The Slow Death of the Billable Hour”). We get together with clients and determine their needs and arrive at a flat fee based on their existing budget and expectations, as well as our estimate of a reasonable time needed to complete the assignment or get results. We sometimes charge a separate fee for such things as media training, speech writing, or opinion column etc. And we like to get a bonus if we achieve better than expected results. But the point is, you’ll be able to budget your money, there will be no surprises in your invoice, and we’ll provide weekly updates and progress reports to show that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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