"One of the smartest decisions I made at Cambridge Health Alliance was to hire Doug. I didn’t really realize what a professional communications strategist could do and he really showed us. He was responsible for turning around the negative media perception of us and really helped us going forward."


Media Training 2014 Using the latest in HD video, computer presentation, and interactive technologies, DBMediastrategies Media Training Seminars will have your corporate spokespeople, executives or designated press person ready and able to face the media horde in no time. DBMediaStrategies Media Training seminars Incorporate the best in proven training methods, including those developed by Eric Bergman in his “Media Training With Excellence - A Balanced Approach,” and can be adapted to group or individual training sessions and include all aspects of media training - theory, message development, interview techniques, issues, management, mock interviews, evaluation and critique - for print, broadcast and Ne w Media. In a typical day-long seminar, subjects will learn and master among other things: • Understanding the media • How to prepare for interviews • What spokespeople can control during interviews • How to manage hostility and polarization • How to communicate with, not through reporters • The skill of answering questions • The priorities of spokespeople • How to apply strategies for success Most media trainers emphasize such things as “bridging,” “staying on message” and techniques to deliver your key messages regardless of the questions posed. We find these techniques not only difficult to master but less and less useful in today’s crowded media world. Frankly, those archaic techniques engender more distrust among members of the media and can lead to unwanted and unwarranted skepticism and investigation by the press. We focus on ways to build relationships, answer the questions that are asked, while inserting key messages where appropriate. Subjects will be given ample time to rehearse and view how they respond in video-taped mock interview sessions. DBMediaStrategies has successfully prepared top executives from a variety of companies and corporations to meet the press and infused them with confidence and a new comfort when being grilled by members of the fourth estate. Don’t go into that important media interview without being prepared and without some expert advice from someone who has been on both sides of the media telescope. Let DBMediaStrategies train your executives for that next media interview and watch the positive effects that will result. Please fill out our Media Training Pre-Workshop Survey which helps us assess your needs and goals as a first step toward participating in the program.
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