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Case Studies


The clients on which we have worked have ranged from multinational energy corporations and huge construction and engineering firms, to universities, small businesses, and well-known individuals.


Many times, the cases involve a client who is unwillingly thrust into the media spotlight, and whose image and reputation are in jeopardy from unwanted, and often unwarranted, public exposure.


People turn to DBMediaStrategies Inc. because of its track record and expertise in managing the media, influencing public opinion, building social media strategies and controlling the situation to the client’s advantage.


Guided by the principle “Control the message before it controls you,” DBMediaStrategies Inc. aggressively fights for its clients and achieves measurable results and outcomes that turn bad situations into tolerable ones that protect a company’s brand name, image and reputation in the marketplace. Here are just a few of the high-profile cases on which we have worked.



Hybrivet Systems Inc.


During the largest toy recall in US history, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released an inaccurate - and suspicious -  report warning consumers against buying kits to test for lead in toys. Fearing a devastating affect on its sales, Hybrivet, makers of the leading consumer lead detection kit, engaged DBMediaStrategies Inc. to launch an aggressive counterpoint campaign. We encouraged and publicized an investigation by Consumer Reports that showed LeadCheck was indeed accurate. We joined with powerful labor unions that embraced home testing as part of their “Buy American” campaign. We alerted local and regional press to national stories critical of the CSPC’s coziness with toy manufacturers, and we provided information to consumer columnists and broadcasters across the country - including “The CBS Evening News” with Katie Couric - who supported home testing. Thus, the CPSC report had no effect on the company’s sales, which increased significantly during the campaign.



Arbella Insurance Group.


The changing regulatory environment in Massachusetts potentially threatened domestic auto insurers which, for the first time, would compete for business with large, out-of-state insurers. Rather than resist or criticize the new competitive era, DBMediaStrategies Inc. embarked on a campaign that embraced “managed competition,” enhanced the company’s brand name, introduced consumers to the company’s products and values, and boosted the profile of the company’s chairman and CEO. Working closely with the company’s advertising, PR, marketing and charitable foundation departments, we helped publicize Arbella’s new association with the Boston Celtics - a move that fortuitously went national as the team advanced to the championship finals - found new high-profile ways to partner with national charitable organizations, and placed corporate and personality profiles of the company’s executives with local, regional and national press, including leading trade and business publications. The campaign significantly moved the dial for Arbella.



University of Massachusetts


Using outdated data and a flawed analysis, the ABC News program “Primetime Live” planned to report that the University of Massachusetts at Amherst had the most violent crime rate of any campus in the country – a potentially fatal blow to the university just as parents were choosing schools for their children. With barely a week’s notice before the broadcast was set to air, the crisis team marshaled a multi-pronged attack on ABC’s reporting techniques that included recruiting independent third-party advocates, a blistering critique of the show’s analysis by credible experts and attorneys, and a preemptive media strike that put the network on the defensive. While the report, which was delayed two weeks following our engagement, alarmingly stuck by its conclusion, it was reported with so many caveats, qualifications and acknowledgments of the outdated data that the results were rendered meaningless and the report barely rippled the waters around the campus. Local press critics publicly hailed the work of the PR professionals, noting that the case against ABC was solid and the crisis team had done a brilliant job for its client. Watch a clip of WGBH’s Beat The Press panel discuss the case here.

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