"One of the smartest decisions I made at Cambridge Health Alliance was to hire Doug. I didn’t really realize what a professional communications strategist could do and he really showed us. He was responsible for turning around the negative media perception of us and really helped us going forward."







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 CRISIS MANAGEMENT It’s not a question of if you’re going to have a crisis, but when. Surprisingly, companies will spend small fortunes on liability, product, workers comp and other forms of insurance and spend nothing on crisis planning. DBMediaStrategies excels not only at guiding companies through a crisis, but preparing them for the day the crisis will rear its ugly head. How prepared are you? MEDIA TRAINING We were late-comers to media training, believing that the dynamic between reporter and subject was and should be an organic experience. Not so. The best journalists come at you with a definite game plan (and perhaps with the story already written) and sometimes pretty sophisticated methods of getting you to say things you’ll regret. Don’t go into an interview without a game plan of your own and techniques at your disposal that can save you from yourself. Employing the latest in video technology, message development, and interviewing techniques, DBMediaStrategies will have you ready for your one-on-one with that investigative journalist in short order. For more on our media training seminars click HERE. S﷯TRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS “Strategic Communications” is the vogue term for PR but it actually is a more accurate descriptor of what we do. PR practitioners are publicists; strategic communications experts help knit a company’s - or an individual’s - business plan and goals to a communications plan. It sounds simple, but doing it right requires patience, trust and a collaborative relationship between senior managers and their PR firm. DBMediaStrategies excels in helping companies, institutions and individuals figure out the best way to communicate their business plans, generate leads through the best communications vehicles, meet their goals, and showcase their products and specialties. MEDIA MANAGEMENT No one likes to be on the business end of a microphone or telephone when there’s a member of the media horde on the other side. That’s when you need someone experienced and equipped with dealing with the Fourth Estate. DBMediaStrategies combines years of experience on both sides of the media/PR fence and can help prepare your company to talk credibly to the media, or can ably serve as company spokesperson if required. Click on my picture on the previous page or here for a sample of the companies for which we have served as strategic counsel and spokesperson. PUBLIC RELATIONS Classic PR gets a bad rap -- probably because the industry is full of people who should be selling shoes or paint and not a corporation’s product or reputation. But done right, PR is still the most effective and cost-efficient way to earn attention and credibility in the marketplace. DBMediaStrategies prides itself on finding good stories within companies and structuring winning pitches to members of the media. SPEECH, EDITORIAL, PRESENTATION WRITING The value of good writing is being diminished in this era of Power Point. Yet the written page - with real articles, verbs, adjectives and proper punctuation - still carries the most power. DBMediaStrategies has successfully crafted and edited speeches, opinion columns, editorials, bylined articles, proposals, plans and presentations for a wide variety of clients. SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING Everybody's doing it. Every company and individual feels pressured to get on board the social media highway and start Tweeting and Blogging and planting the Facebook flag. Yet few people have taken the time to really figure out an effective social media strategy, decide how it will operate and just plain determine what they want to say. Do you even need a blog? Well, studies show that a well organized blog can dramatically increase both Internet traffic and Google rankings. So, yes, you need a blog. But you need to have someone running it and supplying compelling entries. DBMediaStrategies Inc. can help design, organize and strategically position your company blog or other social media channels. CONTENT MANAGEMENT Why hire a PR professional to handle your content when you can have trained journalists provide you with expert content development and analysis? DBMediaStrategies knows how to talk to the media as well as how to reach targeted audiences with cutting edge, sophisticated, entertaining and compelling content. See the Home Page for a list of recent sponsored content we provided for the Boston Globe
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